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Website: www.nyafsl1.org

Consulting Services for the Development of data collection, storage and analysis tools & systems for NYAF.

Issuance Date: 28 July 2022

Deadline for expression of interest: 4 August 2022; 17:00 GMT

1. Background:

National Youth Awareness Forum (NYAF) is a National Non-Governmental Organisation operating in Sierra Leone since 2001. As an organisation, we believe that the quality of the education system does not exceed the quality of the teachers that deliver the content. For this reason, building teachers’ capacity for quality classroom instruction and students’ learning outcomes are what define our work.

National Youth Awareness Forum Sierra Leone (http://www.nyafsl1.org)   in collaboration with Kizazi( https://www.kizazi.org/), is seeking national and international qualified organisations or enterprises to manage the data storage & analysis to support ~20,770 students in  Sixty-Seven (67) lower and upper primary schools (Class 1 to 6)

The development is towards meeting the outcomes of the three-year Sierra Leone Education Innovation Challenge (SLEIC) project (https://tinyurl.com/SLEIC) which will be implemented in Bonthe District, Moyamba District, and Pujehun District.

2. The objectives

  1. Develop data collection architecture based on the monitoring and evaluation framework
  2. Develop data dashboards for various stakeholders
  3. Support NYAF staff to use data collection tools & dashboards, for the duration of the project

3. Description and Scope of Assignment

Scope of Design Work  : Design of data architecture – defining key variables Creation of data collection forms on KoboToolBox Design data dashboards for each stakeholder in the system   Minimum Development Specifications: Creation of data collection forms based on list provided [SLEIC/NYAF] List of Tools *tentative list Hosting data collection across various forms for 67 schools67 headteachers500 teachers~7200 student sample~7200 family / community sample * Currently we estimate 60000 rows of data coming in per year Data dashboard design for Schools NYAF Coaches NYAF Supervisors NYAF / Kizazi central teams Sierra Leone Government Officials   i.e. the platform needs to allow for each of these users to see a screen that shows them their layer/cut of the data.   Platform should be able to cross reference data from multiple forms, e.g. comparison between teacher attendance and teacher habits in the classroom.   Each login/access should have restrictions on the data visible, i.e. each user should only be able to access data that has been assigned to them   All these cuts will differ in List of tools for which data is displayed for each version Type of aggregation Type of data visuals Type of data filters   i.e. the same data feeds differently into 5 dashboards / views   Training for NYAF staff on using the platform Data collection forms to be edited every term, i.e. every 4 months, based on training inputs for the term and support provided. We estimate the collection forms to remain constant and the line items within them to be edited as needed. Support for the NYAF staff on any technical issues faced on the platform  

All materials will be developed in English with some teacher text in Krio as needed. This document gives a detailed view of how we’ve currently envisioned the forms : [SLEIC/NYAF] List of Tools

The details will need to be aligned on & designed through consultations with Kizazi & NYAF.   

5. Training Support

Along with development of the forms and system, we are also seeking the providers to deliver training and implementation support in the form of –

  • Training NYAF and Kizazi staff on the use of the developed tools. The training can be online or in-person.
  • Development of training resources to enable NYAF and Kizazi staff to conduct workshops with teacher coaches, supervisors and other staff to train them on the system

We look forward to receiving proposals with multiple modes of training resources including written training manuals, picture cards, and demo videos on CDs or memory sticks.

6. Key Skills, Technical Background and Experience Required

Applicants should demonstrate the following general and specific qualifications:

  • Proven leadership and/or track record in a lot of interest
  • Developers’ expertise related to the SLEIC priority areas described in this TOR
  • Fluency in oral and written communication in English, which will be the primary language of communication. The ability to work and deliver in other Sierra Leonean languages is a strong asset.

7. Project Timelines and Deliverables

The image below describes the timeline as laid out by the SLEIC project

Based on this, schools are slated to start in September 2022. Given the short time available between now & school start dates, the prioritised data collection forms are expected to be ready by 19th August and data dashboards for prioritised forms are expected to be ready by 15th September. All subsequent tools and dashboard integration to be ready by 31st October

8. Due Diligence Requirements

The vendor  needs to provide the following documents as proof of authenticity :

  • Business registration certificates
  • A valid tax clearance certificate as of 30 June 2022

Quotations will be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Vendors who fail to provide all documents mentioned in number (8) above will be disqualified at this stage and not eligible for the technical assessment.
  • Incomplete in any administrative, technical or financial aspects
  • Proposal received after closing date

The vendor must verify that they fulfil the following:

  • Labour conditions: Freedom of Association, no force or compulsory, no child labour, discrimination, standards for working conditions.
  • Human Rights: No Harassment, Harsh or Inhumane Treatment, no manufacture or sale of mines.
  • Environment: Compliance with regulations, manage chemical and hazardous materials; waste and air emissions, Minimise Waste, Maximise Recycling.
  • Ethical conduct: No corruption, conflict of interest declaration, no gift and hospitality, post employment restrictions.

9.  Reporting Structure

The vendor will report jointly to NYAF & Kizazi. NYAF & Kizazi will liaise with the selected consultant(s) on an ongoing basis to track performance and discuss progress on the task assigned and work through any issues faced.

10. Intellectual property

All intellectual property and other proprietary rights shall be in the public domain. However, this clause excludes any inputs and/or materials that have been developed prior to the programme, a list of which will need to be provided in advance.

11. Evaluation Process and methods

In making the final decision, we will consider both technical and financial aspects.

Financial aspects

The Financial aspects should be broken down for each deliverable of the proposed work. Please make sure to have separate line items in the price proposal for the following:

  • Design & development of the data architecture
  • Platforms that will be used
  • Design & development of data dashboards
  • Training for all stakeholders
  • On-going technical support

The number of points to be given under each of the  evaluation criteria are:             


  • Specific experience of the consultants related to the assignment                 15
  • Adequacy of the proposed work plan and methodology                               20 
  • Quality assurance mechanisms for project management and control            15                              

                                                                                              Total Points:                70

Final recommendation

The contract will be awarded to the best service provider which has the highest cumulative score (technical + financial) out of 100.

 12. Payment Schedule

Payments% to be paidDeliverables/ Progression of works
Payment 1100% of platform feeIn advance for platform costs
Payment 250% of development feeIn advance for development work
Payment 350% of development feeUpon delivery of tested dashboards & training for NYAF staff
Payment 4100% of support & maintenance feeQuarterly in advance for support & maintenance

Open to discuss alternative payment schedules as might be needed

13. Proposal Submission

  • All proposals shall be in English and delivered to the address below on or before 4th August  2022, at 17:00 GMT OR by email to nyafsleicprocurement@nyafsl.com


345E Baibureh Road, Calaba town,

Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa.



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